About Love And Life

Men & Women
Feelings & Emotions
Problems & Misunderstandings
Fights & Make-up sex
Fooling around & Breaking up
Vibrators & Love Dolls
Gurus & Selfhelpbooks

Age Morris (text) and Victor Zilverberg (art) present you:

‘Toons from RelationshitCountry’



The complete series you can find HERE!

NB: Age & Victor are looking for magazines/websites
that want to (pre)publish AboutLoveAndLive.
Interested? Send an e-mail to uitgeverij@helemaalhopeloos.nl


PS: One day his male and female friends bombarded Age Morris to house-, garden-, and kitchen-expert on the subject of ‘Love and Relationships’.Victor Zilverberg truly believes in Age and has a total passion for the so called ‘AtoomStijl’.

(The ‘AtoomStijl’ is a drawing style that first occurred in the Fifties. Since the early Eighties it is recognized as a ‘vested’ style. It’s characteristics are: a clear line and Fifties-elements. Followers are mainly French artists like Serge Clerc, Yves Chaland, Daniel Torres and Walter Minus – the Metal Hurlant generation.)

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